If you are here to learn how to prevent illness or recover your health and/or if you are also overweight or obese, we are here to help.

We are your resource center for all things ‘wellness.’ And, we have over 50 years of combined experience in our fields that integrate a range of health services, programs and personal/spiritual development.

We work with 3 areas of natural ways of health recovery:

  1. Energy Management – (nutritional, lifestyle change and drugless therapy)
  2. Attention Management – (focus and mindfulness) and
  3. Psychology Management – super-natural ways (shifting mental attitudes and emotional patterns that no longer serve you)

In these 3 major categories (nine steps) we cover many aspects of mind-body-spirit wellness. You truly can become SuperNaturally Well through our Shift 9 concepts.

What We Do Here at SuperNaturally Well

We are teachers and students of the physiology and psychology of wellness principles. Experience has shown us that to make effective change that is lasting and real, one must try addressing causal factors which often have roots in both the body and in the mind. For example, the cause(s) of your issues may be rooted in unhealthy lifestyle habits or negative emotional and thinking patterns.

SuperNaturally Well is also a publishing company in our area of expertise. You can also hire us for speaking and coaching services.

The Shift 9 Program

You don’t always have to find a specific cause to correct a health problem. You can simply follow our Shift 9 Mind-Body Wellness Program which has 3 components:

  1. Master Your Energysnw_shift9_benefits
  2. Master Your Focus
  3. Master Your Attitude

Energy or Vitality Management is about the practices and principles concerning the conservation, elevation or depletion of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy. Engaging in positive or negative lifestyle habits and therapeutics can increase or decrease the expression of vitality. This shift in energy ‘up’ or ‘down’ can mean the difference between health and disease.

Attention Management concerns the psychology, physiology, principles and practices of relaxed, concentrated focus leading to attention management or impulse control. This area also includes mindfulness practices.

Psychology or Attitude Management delves into what we call ‘Authentic Living Principles’ which says that me must have a guiding philosophy of life that may encompass spiritual principles and personal development.


After many years of personal study and being with many hundreds of people in our professional work, we believe Shift 9 wellness to be a major key to the healing process when you follow the 9 steps with an intention to self-heal.

Shift 9 Program  is also a very powerful way to overcome compulsions and addictions whether they be minor or difficult.

We have found that most people know what they must do, even in general terms. They just don’t know how to overcome their inner inertia to motivate themselves to ‘light their own fire’ and get started.

Will you take the necessary steps to attain your health and life goals if you were shown ‘how to’ in a step-by-step straight forward way?

Dr. Randall Hardy is an integrative vitality therapist, lifestyle and life issues coach, professional speaker and hypnotherapist.

Specializing in:

  • Natural Health Care
  • Disease Prevention
  • Safe Weight Management
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Stress Reduction
  • The Psychology & Physiology of Motivation and Craving

Dr. Hardy’s previous careers in chiropractic and drugless therapy (naturopathy) and as the program and health director of a major US destination health resorts in Florida, give him years of experience to help people achieve their goals.

He also has certifications in NLP and medical hypnosis. Dr. Hardy has spoken at and sponsored seminars in the US, Canada and the Caribbean.

Marian and Dr. Randy

Marian Tobin-Hardy & Dr. Randall Hardy

He is the author of Naturally Well-Unbeatable Health the Simple, Sensible Way and coauthor of The 80*10*10 Vitality Program-The Art of Moderation In Excess with his wife, Marian-Tobin-Hardy. He is also a contributor to Open My Eyes, Open My Soul, a book by Yolanda King (the daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King) and Elodia Tate. Dr. Randy has also produced a book/cd called Weight Mastery on the physiology and psychology of safe and healthy weight management.

Dr. Randy is also a member of the National Speakers Association (USA).

Marian Tobin-Hardy is a licensed massage therapist as well as a certified reflexologist and Reiki master.

She was involved in the performing arts since 1980 where she worked with various media including radio and television and as a recording artist.

Marian also brings a wealth of knowledge from her earlier health and science background. For the past 20 years she was a health consultant, massage therapist, certified reflexologist and as a teacher of basic and gourmet vegetarian cuisine. Marian was also a designer of the menu and chef at A wellness destination resort in Florida.

As a massage therapist, she was also one of the main Aveda® educators at a major destination health resort.

The classes she teaches are:

  • The Art and Science of Reflexology
  • The ABC’s of TLC – A Daily Guide to Self Nurturing
  • Coming to Your Senses: Opening your Mind and Body to Sensual Healthy Awareness
  • Putting the ‘Chi in the Chow!’: Raw and Cooked Food – How to Make Your Favorite Dishes in a Healthy Way

Marian has also been a developmental consultant in destination resort’s spa menus and services.

She is a member of the Ontario Reflexology Association.

Marian co-authored The 80*10*10 Vitality Program-The Art of Moderation in Excess with her husband Dr. Randall Hardy. She is working on a new food preparation/cookbook that when ready will be part of her Healthy Lifestyles Coaching Service.