Craving Behavior

Craving Behavior: Compulsions and Addictions (C & A’s)

Since beginning our work with people over 30 years ago we have found that it is easier to give suggestions and recommendations than to have patients, clients and seminar attendees actually put them into practice.

Therefore, a big part of our time is spent on helping people comply with their desired goals, whether it’s to lose weight or stop compulsive/addictive behaviors (which can often equate to the same thing). If you can’t stop eating, drinking, smoking or doing things that are self-destructive, the second category of our Shift 9 Program, Shift Your Focus, is something you must heed. Our PsynchroMind Natural World audio programs may also assist you.

We help people take control of their compulsions and addictions (C and A’s) by using specific focusing techniques and sound physiological lifestyle and psychological principles. We also use our own unique way of working with the components of ‘C and A’s by using our SuperNaturally Well ‘characters’ (one of whom is Babalui). They help to objectify the real issues (without bringing up defensive behaviors) and thus allow more self control to be established.

What you must be able to say to your inner saboteur:

Babalui The Saboteur

Not today Babalui!

Babalui’s favorite lie, ‘One won’t hurt.’

After helping people change their lifestyles for over 30 years, we have found that you can take the proverbial ‘horse to water, but you can’t make him or her drink.’ What makes us do the things we do? Why do we continue to smoke cigarettes, drink too much alcohol and eat too much of the wrong kind of food, even if it is killing us? That has been our mission of discovery – a journey with many hundreds of people who endeavored to become well or lose weight or recover from states of milder C & A’s to heavy duty entrapment.

Our approach is ‘through the back door’. In other words, we have found that by attacking C and A’s head on is mostly counter-productive. We work mostly with the unconscious mind, because that is where the source of negative programming is located. One way we do this is by working with our special ‘SuperNaturally Well Cast of Characters’ (Babalui is one of them), many of whom reside just below our conscious awareness. When we can see our behavior illustrated with a lighter, more objective approach, it can cause a major ‘shift’ in behavior. This can be the beginning of behavior change. We truly help give you a will and a way.

Babalui The Tempter
Compulsions and Addictions

What is a compulsion? A compulsion is a strong irresistible impulse to act. We define it as an obsessive behavioral drive. Indulging in these behaviors over time, leads to self-harm and negatively affects those around him or her.

What is an addiction? An addiction is characterized by the repeated use of physical substances despite clear evidence of morbidity and increased tolerance secondary to such use.

Compulsions and addictions may apply to anyone who despite their best efforts, are not able to follow through with their intended choices and goals, especially when it comes to their own personal well-being. Most people who come to us for help know what they should do. But, we rarely hear “You know what? You’re right! I’ll stop these bad habits immediately.” 

If we could just ask people not to smoke, reduce alcohol consumption, eliminate white flour and sugar products and instead eat more fruits, veggies and salads and exercise and think positively – many problems would magically disappear – but folks rarely do – it’s human nature.

Our SuperNaturally Well Cast of Characters Relating to Compulsions & Addictions

The Colonel
Dun' Kan
Exanime the Lifeless

Using the above characters when talking about compulsions and addictions may seem goofy, but it helps us help others get past the tendency for the brain to go into denial, part of the C & A process that confuses the depth of this condition which has roots in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes. Confronting compulsions and addictions head-on is not as successful as ‘coming through the back door’ in our experience.

All characters including images on this page are © SuperNaturally Well, 2014

The Colonel

‘Colonel Convince Me’ is the part of your brain and mind you can positively influence by how you speak (tone, volume, intensity and enthusiasm) and by how you move your body with repetition and specific healing intentions.

With conviction and commitment on your part, the Colonel can help rescue you from the ‘hijacking’ that craving behavior causes.

Babalui the Saboteur

Babalui is the little voice you hear that tempts you into seemingly harmless behavior. “You have hard a hard day. You deserve to have a drink. Go ahead. Besides, you can always resume your commitment to yourself tomorrow.”

But, tomorrow turns into the next tomorrow.

And on and on it goes…

Dun’ Kan the Critic

Dun’ Kan is the inner critic that compares you to some unattainable ideal of perfection. It doesn’t stop the harsh chatter until you have your immediate craving satisfied.

Then once you indulge, it beats you up for being ‘weak.’

Non-egoistic self-love is the only way out – you have got to love yourself warts and all.

Vampira Exanime

Without a soul, empty, half-dead and lifeless – Vampira Exanime’s sole purpose is to take you down and take your life. Craving behavior over the years can eventually lead you to be sucked dry to the point where your life doesn’t matter.

No one ever thinks they will ever end up in the clutches of the ‘damned’ but it happens –  spiritual recovery is necessary at this point.

Craving behavior habits

Craving behavior can be managed.

Addiction can be managed.