Have Your Inner Fires Been Reduced to Embers?

Let us help you find, ignite & elevate your vitality so that you can build immunity, feel stronger, heal the mind-body naturally & thrive!

Join for practical knowledge, stay for the community. Get real insights into how we get sick and how we heal. Fill your life with purpose, wisdom and meaning.

Our Membership Pledge

If your ‘Inner Fire’ is out, we can help you fix that.

Absolutely no one will ‘fall through the cracks’ – everyone will be valued and respected in our membership. Our attention will be fully on our wellness ‘tribe.’

We will focus on nutrition, natural healing modalities and the psychology of wellness in body, mind & spirit.

We love to teach complex subjects &  break them down into doable bite-sized ‘chunks’, accessible to everyone!

Integrative Wellness & Therapeutics

We will have podcast, webinars, live streaming, blogging, courses – everything to help you become healthy and stronger in our new world. Building your immune system is the key to your future well-being.

Natural Food Prep Demos & Recipes

Simple ways to nourish the whole family: natural food demos & recipes, nutrition & healthy products to thrive!

Marian Tobin, your guide & community leader will show you how to nourish & love your body. She will create foods you crave in a healthy way. Never feel deprived again!

Quit dieting and make peace with your relationship with food. Marian specializes in creating foods that are low sugar, high in nutrition, visual appeal and taste!.

A Private Members-only Group

We create a sense of connection and a space for networking and friendships to occur, providing a way of obtaining feedback and support, from both Marian & Dr. Randy and other members.

Share new ideas, lessons learned, proven practices, insights, and practical suggestions. Learn from other members of the community; from invited guest speakers about successes, failures, case studies, and new trends; and through mentoring.

Private Webinars, Podcasts & Livestreaming

Our interactive tools are a unique way to present information in a way that’s often informal, interactive, interesting and entertaining.

Members will have access to Dr. Randy & Marian in the membership areas and members can request topics of interest for upcoming presentations!

All topics are a ‘go’ – increasing vitality & immunity, weight loss, reducing inflammation, cardiovascular, cancer, etc.

The Psychology of Wellness & Lifestyle Shifts

We teach you how to deal with Babalui©, your personal inner saboteur.

When Babalui wants you to indulge instead of feeling deprived, Babalui says, “One won’t hurt. Go ahead – you have good reasons to not keep your promises.”

The painful reality is that often ‘one’ leads to the whole bag or bottle being consumed. Overcome this powerful inner messaging! We show you how.

Seikon-Chikara: 3 Steps to Feeling Fantastic

Simple & straightforward strategies to a succesful outcome. 

Seikon-Chikara, a mind-body wellness program personally created by Dr. Randy & Marian from years of experience in the wellness field, is a way forward for those who are tired of being sick, exhausted, overweight and frankly, having little ‘fire’ within.

 There seems to be no way out – but there is!

How do I know that Membership is right for me?

  • We help empower you with information that we know works (and discard the myths), support and cheer you on along the way as you progress
  • We offer challenges to hold you accountable in order for you to see results faster
  • You get to connect with like-minded people who offer encouragement – we are all in this together
  • Connect with Dr. Randy & Marian who will be an integral daily part of the wellness community and to say to you, ‘You are never alone’ on your journey.

Cancel the monthly plan anytime if it’s not for you!