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Weight Mastery

PsynchroMind Natural World’s Weight Mastery, which includes a ‘Sensory Entrainment Audio CD’ and ‘The Weight Mastery Program’, is a complete step-by-step program to help you master the physiological and psychological factors that have prevented you from achieving lasting weight loss and vitality for so long!

The PsynchroMind Natural World Weight Mastery Audio Program is specially encoded with embedded tones, nature sounds, music and voice. It is designed to help keep you focused and relaxed while safely conditioning your mind to stay on target with your weight loss goals.

The Weight Mastery Program is easy to read, the ideas are clear and the steps are doable by anyone wishing to lose weight safely and sensibly.

The program fundamentals are clearly outlined, specifying which foods are best for weight loss and the ones to avoid based on several criteria: sugar content (including carb intake), the alkaline/acid load effect upon the body, the inflammatory producing factors and of course, common sense.

The psychological factors that prevent weight loss are described as ‘The 7 Biggies: The Root Causes of Weight Loss Setbacks.’ Ways to effectively deal with each of these ‘Biggies’ is outlined. ‘Babalui the Saboteur’ (familiar to Dr. Hardy’s readers and audiences) is also given special mention.

The bundled CD that comes with this book is half the power behind the program. Just over 44 minutes long, this professionally designed program, when listened to every day, will help reprogram the unconscious mind through sensory entrainment (music and nature) and verbal therapeutic language by Dr. Randall Hardy.

PsynchroMind Weight Mastery

Please note that people who are subject to seizures or have moderate to severe emotional issues should not listen to this program due to the embedded specially encoded sounds used to deepen and quicken the relaxation response.


Perfect Paperback: 48 pages

Publisher: Supernaturally Well (July 14, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0982770308
ISBN-13: 978-0982770306
Product Dimensions: 9.1 x 5.9 x 0.5 inches

This product really works! I lost 20 pounds before my wedding and it was only by changing my diet and listening to this program every night before I went to bed, no need to even go to the gym! I highly recommend it, and for the price how can you afford not to? If you are someone who struggles with weight loss and often gives into their cravings, this program helps you to have the strength of mind to make the right choices on a consistent basis. Thank you Dr. Hardy for offering this great resource at such an affordable price. I know others will find the same success if they try it!

Meghan Smith
After years of struggling with weight and food issues, I have finally found something that truly works! I've tried all kinds of diet programs for most of my life, only to end up failing and feeling very out of control and lost. I knew I needed a lifestyle change but I had no idea what direction to take or how to accomplish it. Dr. Hardy's wonderful book and CD combination have given me exactly what I need. The book laid out the program for me in simple, easy to follow terms that isn't about a diet, but about a way to live, by eating healthy and with common sense. And that's the thing! It makes total sense so it's completely easy to follow! The CD is amazing! I listen to it almost everyday just before I go to sleep. The music and nature sounds are very soothing and relaxing and seem to guide me into a deep sleep. That's a wonderful thing in itself! But the best part is knowing that while I'm listening, awake or not, my unconscious mind is being guided to support me in my weight loss goals and life style change. And it works! The combination is truly a winner! For those like me who have struggled for years with weight issues, and I know you're out there, I highly recommend this book and CD combination. Dr. Randall Hardy is on to something big time! Try it. You'll love it!

La Haria
This is a very sensible and and easy to read book about a new way of eating and getting healthy. I took it seriously and am doing what it suggests and listening to the CD every night. I have lost 7 lbs so far and am never hungry. It really is not a diet but a life change about eating to create health and vitality. Dr. Hardy seems to know exactly what he is talking about. This requires a real commitment and a belief that diets really don't work.

Immaculate Kean
Thanks to Dr. Randall Hardy and his book, "Weight Mastery," I was able to correct my Vitamin D deficiency within a month's time, and learned how I could prevent repeating my family's history of diabetes. In following Dr. Hardy's nutritional and other fitness recommendations, I reduced my sugar levels and won my lifelong battle with weight. I am now a firm believer that heredity can be overcome. At age 62, I look and feel better than ever, which is evident in my health exams. "Weight Mastery" goes beyond providing educated nutritional and exercise suggestions, to facilitating lasting lifestyle changes by helping people to connect with what is realistic for them. It assists individuals in being more aware of their bodies and what is motivating their choices around food. Dr. Hardy provides a framework for supporting others in taking ownership over their health in collaboration with their doctors, and making commitments that they will stand behind. This book will help you to strengthen your mind-body connection and prevent health issues from arising.

Maria Trinidad

Table of Contents

PsynchroMind Natural World™ Sensory Entrainment

The Weight Mastery Program Outline

The 7 Important Keys To Healthy Weight Management You Must Know

The Weight Mastery Program Fundamentals

Green Light Foods = Go!
Yellow Light Foods = Easy Does It
Orange Light Foods = Caution
Red Light Foods = Stop
How Much and When to Eat Each of the 4 Types?
The Weight Mastery Program: The Bare Bones Essentials

What Would A Sample Day Look Like?

Extra Tips To Help You Succeed

Conscious Dining: Eating Silently With Mindfulness
Smart Restaurant Ordering
The Psychological Inhibitors Of Weight Loss

The ‘7 Biggies’: The Root Causes Of Weight Loss Setbacks
Your Personal Commitment

Marian’s Delicious Natural Protein Shake
Babalui the Saboteur

The PsynchroMind Self-Empowerment Affirmation

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