Chi In The Chow

Chi in the Chow

That’s what this part of the web site is about. Keeping your self high on the energy you get from good, healthy food and beverages.

During your visit here, I hope to dispel a few myths concerning healthy food, namely:

• Healthy food is not ‘bunny food’. The variety of tastes and textures are abundant. It is absolutely more than just eating carrots and celery sticks. You will find that recipes can be created to replicate the visual and gustatory equivalent of unhealthy food. I make them all the time.

• Natural Food can be more expensive, but you are worth it. If you are cutting out junk food and other bad habits from your lifestyle, this will more than make up for the extra it may cost.

• Organic food is certified by reputable agencies. Don’t think for a minute that it wouldn’t be revealed if there was any doubt. Naturally grown food tastes a lot better too.

Chi in The Chow

What program or diet do we advocate? Everyone is different, and diet must be individualized and tailored to each person. There is no one single diet that is ‘best’ for everyone. Some people will do best on mostly cooked and some raw food, others on macrobiotic, and so on. Those who promote the “one true diet” are promoting dogma rather than fact.

We have experienced the gamut from a meat centered diet to being vegan and back to what we consider to be a balanced diet which includes lots of veggies, some low glycemic fruit and grains & wild-caught fish, organic chicken and eggs.

Generally, we recommend simple, natural organic food.

Food that is colorful and has a lot of high water content. Yep, that means lots of veggies and salads. Then add some beans, legumes, nuts, seeds and non-gluten grains. If you eat animal products, you must purchase organic whenever possible and eat them prudently. Our COACHING PROGRAMS are perfect for people who want help in creating their personal program based on their lifestyle, preferences and body type.

Food must look visually appealing and taste great too. This is very important or you won’t stick with it. Remember that if your taste has been ‘perverted’ by the modern high fat, salt, sugar and white flour diet, it will take some time for your taste buds to reacquaint themselves to real food.

Please choose your food wisely and eat consciously for your health and planetary well-being.