Power of Touch

The Power of Touch


Reflexology is a gentle, yet very powerful healing art. It’s origins are believed to be rooted in ancient China, although other cultures such as Tibet, India and native Americans all have systems of foot massage as part of their healing history.

The feet are a clear and precise ‘map’ and perfect microcosm of the entire human body. All organs, glands and body parts are found on the feet. Energy meridians or ‘energy pathways’ that traverse the body are also influenced in a treatment.

Through palpation and visual clues, an experienced reflexologist can tell a great deal about a person’s health and well-being.

Although we do not diagnose or treat for specific illnesses, we can impact a person’s overall health by improving nerve and blood supply, restoring balance and most importantly, relaxing the body. As we are all aware, stress is pandemic in our culture, and reflexology is a perfect way to combat stress and bring about a renewed sense of vitality. The end result is one of deep relaxation and peace.

We are constantly awed by the healing powers that reflexology unleashes in the body.

Marian performing reflexology therapy.
Foot Reflexology Map

We have a SuperNaturally Well Reflexology Diploma Program to those become a Professional Reflexologist. This totally unique and comprehensive program will cover topics on:

• Foot, Hand & Body Reflexes
• Meridian Therapy
• Symptomatology – how to ‘read’ the body/mind’s language to pinpoint pathological systems, including simplified Anatomy & Physiology
• Nutrition
• Integrative Natural RemediesSuperNaturally Well Reflexology Diploma
• Muscle testing
• Energy Balancing
• The Philosophy and Principles of Natural Healing
• Building a Practice

A program course manual is included.

This total wellness program is for people who are interested in treating their own family and also for the professional who would like to add a powerful healing modality to their repertoire.

What distinguishes our program from many others is that we place a major emphasis on the ‘intentional psychology’ of our student reflexologists. You can have 2 skilled therapists giving the same technical treatment, one gets good results, the other gets great results. The difference is in the psychological approach.

“I was very new in practise when I was asked to do a house call with a cancer patient. When I arrived, I discovered this man was severely constipated. He hadn’t had a bowel movement in over a week — a situation needing immediate attention. After examining him, I thought reflexology may give him some relief even with my limited knowledge of it at the time. To my surprise, within 20 minutes, he got out of bed and had a good bowel movement! In that moment, I knew how powerful this tool was. To this day, I still see the results of this wonderful healing modality in the hands of skilled therapists.”

Dr. Randall Hardy

Reflexology Power of TouchWhat are some other healing determining factors?

• The healing environment
• The therapist’s healing intention and focus
• The therapist’s confidence, belief and proficiency in his or her skills
• How positive the therapist feels about the outcome of the session
• Verbal and nonverbal communication with the client
• Compassion and empathy conveyed to the client

We teach these philosophical concepts so thoroughly, you will leave with a complete understanding of the techniques and philosophy. You will also be confident in becoming a great reflexologist. And, as with all of our programs, they are practical and can be implemented immediately.

We offer beginner and advanced diploma programs that begin on a Friday evening, go all day Saturday and conclude Sunday afternoon. Get a group together in your town or city and we will be happy to come to you!

Marian has been a professional reflexologist and teacher since 1993. She also teaches her reflexology course to spa therapists at day spas and destination health resorts.

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