Senses Alive

Senses Alive

Ask yourself this question. How do I love and nurture myself on a daily basis?

Do you indulge yourself with an occasional luxurious item or do you make do with any old thing? Like Oprah says, “Love is in the details.” Loving and nurturing yourself in small but meaningful ways can open up many possibilities for pleasure that enrich your daily experience and make your life more joyful. I’m not implying that you should spend beyond your means, but what I’m hoping is that you will indulge yourself Senses Alive is Nature Orientedwith an occasion extravagant pleasure. How about that cashmere sweater that is as soft as a kitten, and will give you years of pleasure. Or what about those 400 count Egyptian cotton sheets you’ve been dreaming of?

One of my favorite indulgences is buying a bottle of precious rose absolute essential oil. After cleansing my face, I anoint my skin with a rich blend of rose mixed with jojoba oil. I inhale the magnificent aroma while massaging it into my skin knowing that it took 30 roses to extract a single drop of rose oil! Using it daily on my skin reminds me how precious I am.

(CLICK HERE to learn more about essential oils and aromatherapy).

Opening up all of our senses reminds me of how we were as children: wild, spontaneous, curious, honest and joyful. We lived in the moment and time was slowed down. We laughed easily and cried unabashedly. The simplest things gave us a thrill. We swam in cold water, walked through puddles in the rain, squished mud through our toes and picked up caterpillars. We experienced all of life through our senses.

Living in cities as many of us do, we have lost touch with the natural rhythms of the seasons. We breathe piped in air that’s deodorized with noxious air fresheners and walk out into polluted air. We walk on concrete and rarely do our feet rest on the velvety texture of cool, green grass. We eat fast food and hit the sofa to channel surf for our favorite TV show. We go to bed without having seen the sun set or the moon rise or the stars shine. Children play by sitting in front of a video screen shooting up some enemy combatant and rarely play outside. Is it any wonder why we are feeling so dead and empty inside?

We are part of the natural world and she beckons to us to celebrate and revel in her perfection. She nourishes and fills us up in ways that leave us content and peaceful. She heals us of our pain and restores us to our true self. Why are we drawn to the beauty of the ocean, the majesty of the mountains and the quiet of the forest? We are as elemental as every aspect of nature and some part of us knows and recognizes this. We knew it as children and we long to merge with that power again.

We can commune with nature if we consciously invite her in.

Be still and absorb the essential energy of nature and her healing balms.Create sacred space where you live by bringing in as much of the natural world as you can into your home. Use organic materials like cotton, hemp and silk for fabrics, bamboo and wood for flooring. Choose round and oval shapes for tables and desks. Keep electrical appliances to a minimum, especially in the bedroom. Let in natural light and air. Fill your home with plants and flowers as well as sea shells and natural beeswax candles. Diffuse essential oils into the air to refresh and sanitize your home. Use all natural, biodegradable soaps and cleaners for your body and your home.

Make a point to get to green space if you live in the city, at least once a week. Plant a vegetable garden in a community garden in the summer. Do your food shopping at outdoor farmer’s markets during the summer and fall. Eat locally produced organic food whenever possible. Ride your bike and take a hike whenever you can.

Remember that when we nurture ourselves, we are also informing other people how we want to be treated by them.

Other things you can do to nurture yourself:

• Take a long soothing hot bath infused with aromatherapy and flower petals

• Go on nature walks

• Spend quality time with your favorite people

• Daydream

• Cook and enjoy an exotic healthy meal by candle light

• Read your favorite book curled up on a couch with comfy pillows

• Pamper yourself with a massage

• Listen to poetry readings

• Sing your favorite songs