Fresh Start

Fresh Start: At Naturally Well By The Sea

Naturally Well By The Sea is a destination wellness program experience located on the beach in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Beginning a new wellness program – getting a FRESH START – often requires getting away from your familiar home environment.

And, it requires a deep commitment to shift bad habits to healthier ones and a concentrated mental focus to stick with it.

Years ago we came across a program that had we believe, the hardest rules to follow.

The program was a diet, but it wasn’t about food. It was called ‘The 10 day Mental Diet’. The rules were simple. The first rule: no negative thought or word for 10 days. The second rule: if you indulge yourself in any word or deed that wasn’t loving, kind and positive, you had to start form the beginning. We never did quite finish that program successfully.

However, the exercise trained us to be aware of our thinking patterns and how much time is spent on nonproductive thinking. It is a fact that unfocused and negative thinking can lead to unwanted behavior. Often it can feel as if our mind has a life of it’s own and takes charge, whether we like it or not.

It’s especially difficult when our mind decides to become lazy or overactive. We suffer the consequences of it’s inability to pay attention to the little things in life we are missing out on, those things that bring real and lasting happiness, peace and contentment.

On the other hand, we have all had those magic moments in life when everything just ‘clicks.’ This is what researchers have called the ‘flow’ state. It’s a zone of optimal learning, of calm intensity, of nearly effortless mastery in all your endeavors.

But, if you’re like most people, these flow states – these productive periods of focused concentration – come to you less frequently than you’d like.

If your mind is like a bus driver, is he/she up front driving and Who's Driving the Bus?fully present, or not paying attention to what is really going on?

Like many people, you may not have given much consideration to your health and other important goals. Perhaps you meant to ‘clean up’ some bad habits, but you haven’t found the time or the energy to make that particular decision. For example, you may be yearning to start a weight loss program, or give up drinking alcohol or stop smoking. Maybe you just need time out to reexamine your priorities.

We believe that if you focus intently on what you want to change in your life and consistently put enough emotional energy into it, something ‘clicks’ inside you and that something triggers a positive response from other people toward you.

Suddenly, it’s as if a telephone call you had placed in the Universe gets answered. And if it’s the right timing, things speed up and start happening. Your life begins to become more ‘naturally right.’ We don’t know how this works exactly, but it does.

How would you feel if you were able to hit the ‘reset button’ on your body and mind?

What if you could spend between 3 – 14 days:

• Learning how to live healthier?

• Practicing the art of self-nurturing TLC?

• Creating a workable strategy to implement basic fundamentals of healthy living when back home?

• Moving your body in ways that created more flexibility and lessened tension?

• Learning relaxation and guided imagery techniques that nourished the deepest centers of your being?

• Eating delicious organic meals that were healthy and energy producing?

• Spending parts of the day or evening at the beach, allowing the stillness to replenish your soul?

• Receiving relaxing, soothing body work?

• Having fun?

Renew your mind-body wellness commitments at Naturally WellNaturally Well By The Sea Logo By The Sea. Get a FRESH START today by calling Naturally Well By The Sea and making your reservation.

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