Healthy Lifestyle Skills

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

You have made a decision to change your lifestyle. You want to begin to exercise and eat better. Perhaps you have chosen to get a personal trainer or you have begun to work out with a Chef Marianbuddy.

Who do you have in your corner helping you with your food choices, preparation and menu selection?

Sometimes we need more than classes, recipes and the family cookbook.

A note from Marian
I grew up in a family that celebrated food, albeit it not exactly healthy food, but nevertheless it was made with love. I now love to make foods that taste like Mom made, but perhaps healthier versions of it. In the last 20 years, I have studied and experienced many different philosophies regarding food and it’s selection and preparation. I will help you with seasonal menus filled with raw food and lightly cooked food. If you use animal protein I will guide you in healthier selections. We will discuss using oils and fats. I will tell you what to buy and where to get it. Recipes and cooking tips will be provided. There will be something for everyone, especially for the inexperienced. In my Healthy Life Skills Coaching Program, I will be your resource person. We will discuss your needs based on your health profile or dietary choices and make it practical for you and your family. I will streamline it down for you once we have our initial discussion and based on my short questionnaire.

Your coach, Marian Tobin-Hardy will show you how to:

• Choose nutrient dense healthier foods when you shop
• Store your food safelyMarian Tobin-Hardy
• Prepare your foods in an efficient and timely manner
You will receive guidance and instruction on how to:
• Identify and eliminate unhealthy food and snacks from your home
• Choose healthier foods to stock your pantry
• Shop wisely in a grocery and/or a health food store
• Avoid those foods that contain hidden chemicals, possible allergens and sugar
• Choose the best kitchen utensils and cookware to maximize nutrition and avoid waste
• Design a weekly menu and how to prepare and store food ahead for the week

With Marian as your personal coach, you will gain the confidence necessary to create a healthier lifestyle.

Marian has a unique style. She ‘zeroes in’ on her client’s personal taste and helps design a plan that is useful and most of all, practical.

Marian believes that a healthy lifestyle is not about being deprived.

You need to eat food that is visually appealing and scrumptious to the palate in order to continue with your decision to live healthy.

She will outline a specific menu plan based on your preferences. So whether she is giving you shopping advice, recipes or tips on food preparation or smart restaurant ordering, the focus is always on implementation.Marian Tobin-Hardy

Marian has been involved with alternative health care and food preparation for over 30 years. She has been a teacher of basic and gourmet vegetarian cooking for the past 25 years. She has coached hundreds of people in making everything from healthy main courses, salads and desserts. She was a food consultant and taught cooking classes at a large destination health resort for years. Marian is also co-author of the book, The 80*10*10 Vitality Program—*The Art of Moderation In Excess where she contributed over 100 fabulous recipes.

*This book is out of print. Marian is working on a new book that will feature raw and cooked easy to prepare, from soups, salads and main courses and side dishes to healthy desserts. This new edition will have some meals that can be created with fish, fowl and eggs. All soy and gluten recipes have been replaced with healthier alternatives.

The Healthy Life Skills Coaching Program has been put on hold until the new recipe book is completed. If you would like to be added to her waiting list, please contact us.

There are 2 Program Options:

The Healthy Lifestyles One-shot Option: A One Time, A Two Hour Telephone Consultation Discussing Your Needs and Concerns and Followed by My Suggestions and Guidance.


The Healthy Lifestyles Premium Package Option: 3 Hours of Telephone Consultation Using the Supplied Nutritional Questionnaire PLUS all the goodies listed below:

One Shot

  • Review of Your Nutritional Questionnaire
  • 1 Hour of Personal Lifestyle Telephone Consultation
  • 1 Hour Nutritional and Lifestyle Suggestions Plus Menu Planning


One Time Consult

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  • A Review of Your Nutritional Questionnaire
  • 1 Hour of Personal Telephone Consultation
  • 2 Extra Hours of Personal Telephone Consultation Used in 1/2 Hour Segments Weekly for 4 Weeks
  • Nutritional and Lifestyle Suggestions Plus Menu Planning
  • A Copy of Dr. Randall Hardy’s Book, Naturally Well
  • Unlimited Email Support


Premium Package

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The Healthy Lifestyle Skills Coaching Premium Package must be completed within 6 weeks from start date. Extra weeks can be added to program if necessary.

The Healthy Life Skills Coaching Program has been put on hold until Marian’s new recipe book is completed. This book will be the recommended book for menu and recipe suggestions. If you would like to be added to her waiting list, please contact us.