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Construct a Meaningful Life Philosophy, Create a Personal ‘BEAR”, Live a Little More Sanely and Simpler

Why is an attitudinal mindset important, especially as related to health and well-being?

Working on our ‘psychology’ is more about attitudinal healing more than anything else. To have a great attitude requires that you have a philosophical base, a personal philosophy of life, if you will.

By not choosing beliefs that support you or prioritizing values to guide you and knowing who you are in relationship to the ‘big picture’, you can flounder when confronted with chaos, stress and turmoil. The toll on each of us is huge when faced with society’s problems and the negativity we confront on a daily basis through the media and stressed out fellow human beings.

Choosing a path of personal growth bundled with spiritual principles is necessary in order to create a firmer foundation for our mental and emotional stability. A personal philosophy also shields us from the toxicity created by a greedy and unconscious populace that promotes an ever-decreasing quality of life in favor of profits, instead of elevating the best in humanity.

You are here for a reason. Once you get a sense of your purpose you become more passionate and committed to being healthy and getting focused and wanting to help yourself and others. It’s time to claim your destiny and make it personal!

Attitudinal Shifting:

Your attitude towards life is everything! How you approach situations and people determines outcomes for the most part whether its changing your health picture or wanting your life to become more fulfilled and content.

Letting go of old habits is not easy unless you have a ‘BEAR’, your Big Exciting Ass-kickin’ Reason!

When your reason to shift or change behavior is rooted in powerful emotions – reasons that for you personally are tremendously exciting, you change. Getting healthy or avoiding disease are not powerful motivators for most people. But if you were to point out to someone that if they continue to smoke 3 packs of cigarettes daily they may die early, thereby depriving themselves of watching their kids grow up, go to college, get married, have grandchildren, etc. – this realization associated with strong feelings can cause a very radical and abrupt change in behavior.

Find your personal ‘BEAR’ if you want to make any change in your life. If you have a powerful enough reason, a BIG WHY, you can change almost any negative behavior.

Sane Simpler Living:

It’s a crazy wonderful world and you must slow down and simplify your life in order to see it’s true magnificence. Contentment is not about ‘having more’ – it’s about ‘becoming more.’ Most people are so busy doing non-essential activities they miss out on the important things. Once you re-evaluate your priorities, you become more ‘naturally right’ – doing the things you must that come from a deeper place within. Making a contribution to society, getting rid of the clutter, spending more time with the people you care about and taking care of the planet help make your life simpler and perhaps creating meaning for your life.