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Building Energy, Conserving Energy & Avoiding Energy Vampires

A frequent and universal complaint most people have is that they are tired from the time the wake up until the time they go to bed and every moment in-between. 

A lack of energy (vitality) can show reduced immunity and often a lowered metabolic rate.

Vitality refers to that energy, force or principle that distinguishes the living from the non-living – you really want lots of this!

 Metabolism is the process of the body that converts fuel from food into the energy that the body needs to engage in all the processes needed to continue living. Vitality refers to that energy, force or principle that distinguishes the living from the non-living. Shift 9 refers to both metabolism and vitality in the same manner because in combination they cover all mind and body factors that influence how much energy you end up with after your body uses available energy for its metabolic needs and your daily activities.

Nourishment: What is the quality of energy that comes from your food and beverages? How much energy is depleted because of poor lifestyle habits (junk food, too much alcohol, not getting enough rest or exercise, stress)? What is the energy gain or loss? Are these habits contributing to body tissue alkalinity or acidity, high or low sugar intake and insulin levels being normal or irregular?

Emotional State: Are your constant negative emotions draining you? Do you walk and talk like someone who is constantly depressed and feeling down? Or do you behave like someone who looks forward to the opportunities and challenges that life offers us?

Self-Nurturing: Are you giving yourself the things you require to nourish your body, mind and spirit? Things like getting a massage or a facial, taking up a hobby you love, walking in the woods or attending a much anticipated music concert? How about preparing your favorite healthy meal for you and your family?

Energy Vampires: There are some products and foods you can buy that are so bad for you they literally steal your energy, bit by bit, day by day. Chemicals and junk foods are sure to deplete you over time. Then, there are those people who have ‘bleed’ your energy by manipulating what they believe is your unlimited time and attention for their own selfish needs – learn to just say ‘no.’

Think of your energy level like money in a bank: there is only so much you can spend before your account runs low. Learning to use this bank wisely means you can conserve your energy for the most important tasks, and avoid unnecessary ‘spending.’

Without optimum vitality, your life on many levels can run dry! If you continually run on ‘empty‘, you are now susceptible to multiple emotional and physical health problems. So come on folks – POWER UP!