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Shift 9 Complete Mind-Body-Spirit Program
Shift 9 Wellness Program

Shift 9 is our core program: a mind, body and spirit systems approach to natural healing. Empower your immune system by increasing metabolic energy, practicing mindfulness and engaging in attitudinal shifting.

PsynchroMind Natural World Behavioral Shifts Audio Programs
PsynchroMind Natural World

PsynchroMind Natural World products help behavioral shifts, from weight loss to sleep quality. By listening to these audio programs regularly, you will relax your mind and body, allowing a deeper and sustained healing to occur.

SuperNaturally Well Coaching and Speaking Services
Coaching & Speaking Services

Education, motivation and inspiration are the cornerstones of our speaking services. Accountability and gentle guidance is the crux of our coaching services. Together, you will achieve your health and wellness goals.


Chi in the chow, Power of Touch and Senses Alive with Marian Tobin
Self-Nurturing for Self-Healing

Self-Nurture is the secret to surviving in a world of stressful demands. People who nurture and take care of themselves lead healthier and more balanced lives.

SuperNaturally Well Publishing
Books from SuperNaturally Well

SuperNaturally Well publishes books on the ‘what’  ‘how’ and ‘why’ of natural healing according to our Shift 9 Mind-Body-Spirit wellness Programs.

Addiction and compulsions can be addressed by Shift 9
Craving Behavior

When we indulge ourselves in repetitive addictive or compulsive behavior that over time decreases our joy and well-being, we suffer. But we can overcome.